Features Of The Mower
Sep 28, 2018

Its characteristic is the work flat, the operation is simple, to the need to cut the object, mainly is the grass class cutting strong, applies to the high-yielding pasture and the large-scale park and so on.

Mowing machine relies on cutter and fixed knife of the relative shearing movement cutting grass category, which is characterized by cutting stubble neat, the required power is small, but the adaptability of the grass is poor, easy to plug, suitable for flat natural grassland and artificial grassland operations. Production and use of rotary mowers began in the middle of the 80. The grass is cut by the blade on the high-speed rotating cutter disc. With the improvement of science and technology, the work ability of the newly improved lawn mower products has been enhanced, the speed has been improved a lot, saving the working time of the weeding workers and saving a lot of human resources.

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