Classification Of Mowers
Sep 28, 2018

According to different criteria, the mower can be divided into the following:

1, according to travel points: Intelligent semi-automatic drag-type, rear-push-type, mount-type, tractor suspension.

2, according to the power points: Human animal Power Drive, engine drive, electric drive, solar drive.

3, according to the way: hob type, rotary knife type, side hanging type, swing knife type.

4, according to the requirements: flat-type, martingale-type, cut-top type.

Hand-held rotary lawn mower general configuration without knife cutting disk, using high-strength nylon rope as forage cutting parts, flexible structure, not afraid of encountering rigid obstacles, the use of relatively safe, replacement is also very convenient. Lawn mower work style has reciprocating and rotary, its high cutting efficiency greatly saves time, and realizes the green environment, beautify the environment function, simple operation, convenient, efficient, so is widely used. Compact machine for small to medium sized lawn. The use of lawn mower according to the requirements, determine the stubble height after mowing, the use is very convenient.

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