Advantage Of Electric Pruner And Electric Pruning Shear
Dec 31, 2018

Every year to the New Year, it is time for all kinds of fruit trees to prune their branches and buds.                                             
 In order to make them grow better and bear more fruits next year, we need to pay more attention to the tools of pruning fruit trees and vineyard                         
 Now in market all kinds of  electric pruner for pruning fruit trees and vineyard on the market                                                 
some electric pruning sher constrction is gears box and some electric pruner by Lead screw                                                 
There is Different product  such as blow                                                                      
  electric pruner -2019

 electric secateurs blade is also a vulnerable and wearable goods, so the choice of purchase  must be able to replace the blade of the electric scissors                         
electric secateurs-electric pruner                                                                                
The electric  pruning shear produced by KINGSON INTERZCOOL CO., LIMITED can replace the blades of scissors.                                          
It is also very convenient to replace them, as long as the screw is screwed off, they can be replaced.             electric pruning shear -2019                                 
Electric Pruner should be cut at an angle of 45 degrees when pruning branches. This can delay the service life of pruner and blades.                                  
After pruning, the gum or tree oil on the electric pruner should be cleaned up in time. After cleaning, the electricsecateurs  can be more effectively protected by applying lubricant.  

2019 ELECTRIC PRUNER                                                                   
Characteristics of electric pruner :                                                                      
1. The efficiency of long-term pruning is 3-5 times higher than that of general pruner                                                  
2. Easy to operate, just press the button lightly, the branch is cut off immediately, the cut of the branch is smooth and beautiful.                                 
3. Saving effort and improving efficiency are the preferred garden tools for fruit growers and gardeners.                                              
electric pruning shear-2018                                                                                
Parameters of electric pruning shear :                                                                      
1. Cutting diameter: 30mm                                                                          
2. Weight of scissors: 0.92KG                                                                          
3. Rechargeable lithium batteries: 44V/4Ah                                                                  
4. Battery weight: 1.3KG                                                                          
5. Charger: 50.4V/2Ah input: 100-240V, output: 40V (switching mode)                                                          
6. Charging time: 4 hours                                                                          
7. Working hours: 6-8 hours                                                                          
8. Battery life: 900 repeats                                                                          
9. DC motor (15,000 rpm)                                                                          
10. Upper and lower blades can be replaced                                                                  
Product advantages:                                                                                   
  1. Higher efficiency: 2-3 times the efficiency of traditional manual pruning. It has high efficiency of pruning and is suitable for pruning or moulding.                         
2. Good durability and low failure rate. The machine runs smoothly with simple matching structure, high cutting capacity and service life of blades, fewer faults and convenient adjustment and maintenance.      
3. The operation performance is stable and the pruning quality can meet the horticultural requirements. The flatness of the canopy surface is better than that of manual pruning, and there is basically no leakage shear.
4:The branch tear rate is less than 10%. Close to the natural growth state of hedgerow after pruning, neater than that of manual pruning, and the number of germination is more.              
the tree crown is larger, the pruning surface is neat and beautiful, and the germination of buds and leaves is neater than that of manual pruning, and the number of germination is more.              
5. Strong safety protection function: personal/mechanical safety protection: blades follow the wrench, when stuck, the circuit self-test program will start motor                      
monitoring, to protect the motor from burning. The protection function of both sides of the motor (DC brushless motor) is controlled by Hall chip switch.                         
Re-pressing the trigger position blade will open the blade and then close it. Battery overload, overcharge, overheat, overdischarge and under-pressure will be protected by circuit board to maintain normal performance.      
If you are a professional fruit tree pruning practitioner, with it:         
  1. You can double the efficiency of pruning and increase the benefits of pruning. It takes about 25 to 30 days for two people to pruner a 40 mu orchard.
Now one person and one pair of scissors can be trimmed for 5 to 7 days.
On the premise of not hurting your hand (hand pruning area is too large when the finger will have muscle injury and other symptoms),
you can save manpower and excessive expenditure.          

 2. Real realization depends on technology and advanced equipment to make money, rather than the previous manual livelihood.       
    3. After the pruning operation, there will be no long pain in fingers and arms. You can continue to live a relaxed life.         
  Explain:            Electric pruning shear are a kind of efficient, ecological and safe electric pruner ,which can cut apple branches, grape branches, mulberry branches and other fruit branches.
 They are easier, more labor-saving, healthier fruit trees, and are good helpers for fruit farmers.              
  electric pruner and electric pruning shear and electric secateurs      

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