Will electric pruning shears replace manual scissors?
Nov 25, 2018

Will electric pruning shears replace manual scissors?


An electric pruning shear is popular on the market because it is fast and labor-saving and is popular with farmers. Some places use electric pruning shears, so will electric pruning shears replace manual scissors?

Let us analyze their respective characteristics.

Electric pruning shears: The advantage is that the pruning speed is fast. It provides the pruning power by the 36V lithium battery, the branches of 3cm, the finger is pressed by the switch, the branches are broken, and the whole process takes only 0.4 seconds. With it, the farmers’ hands were liberated.

Manual scissors have a big drawback, that is, laborious, and labor-saving pruning shears also need strength. You take a closer look, none of the hands of the pruning farmers are in good condition, because of the perennial pruning. Because the pruning opponents are very hurt, the average fruit growers usually take a rest for 10 to 20 minutes when they pruning, and let their hands ease.

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