Where is the electric pruning shears
Jan 05, 2019

Where is the electric pruning shears?

Advantages of electric pruning shear:

1. Energy saving benefits are significant.

2, higher efficiency, double-edged knife design, can be bi-directional trimming efficiency, suitable for trimming or styling.

3. Good durability and low failure rate. The operation is stable, the complete supporting structure is simple, and the cutting ability and life of the blade are high.

Less trouble, adjustment and maintenance is also more convenient.

4, the work performance is stable, the trim quality can meet the horticultural requirements. The flatness of the surface is better than that of manual trimming, and there is basically no leakage.

After trimming, it is close to the natural growth state of the hedgerow. The crown surface is larger, the trimming surface is neat and beautiful, and the sprouting of the sprouts is neat and tidy than the manual trimming, and the number of germination is more.

5, security protection function: personal / mechanical security protection: the blade follows the wrench, when stuck, the circuit self-test

The program will start the motor monitoring and protect the motor from burning. Both motor protection functions are controlled by Hall chip switches.

Pressing the trigger bit again will open the knife edge and close it. Battery Overload Overshoot Overheated Overdischarge Undervoltage will be protected by the board to maintain normal performance.


Characteristics of electric pruning shear:

1. More humane: science and art, the combination of technology and humanity, with a solid structure and good function, make the design more aesthetic and more ergonomic.

2, more relaxed: just tap the finger, the branches can be cut instantly.

3, more labor-saving: strong power, the use of new brushless DC motor, strong power, long-term work is no longer hand sore arm pain, after cutting the branch can then easily engage in other farm work.

4, the fruit tree is more healthy: the shear section is smooth, easy to heal, to avoid the occurrence of fruit tree rot lesions caused by uneven or tearing of the cut.

5, more environmentally friendly: lithium battery drive, no pollution, low energy consumption, low operating costs.

6, more durable: the bottom of the fault is low. The operation is stable, the complete supporting structure is simple, the cutting ability and life of the blade are high, the fault is small, and the adjustment and maintenance are also convenient.

7, lighter: high-tech lithium battery, larger capacity, lighter weight, the weight of the scissors part is the lightest in the domestic similar products, more suitable for long hours of operation.


If you are a professional fruit tree pruning practitioner, have it:

1. You can multiply the efficiency of pruning and increase the profit of pruning.

2, the real realization of relying on technology and advanced equipment to make money, rather than relying on physical strength to run before.

3. After the pruning operation is finished, there will be no long-term pain in the fingers and arms, so you can continue to live easily.

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