Selection of Life Buoy
Sep 28, 2018

Life Buoy is one of the main types of lifesaving equipment, which is usually used as an essential product for safety protection in the process of water disaster relief and related production and operation.

The main forms of China's domestic life buoy products are polystyrene-coated life buoy, polyurethane polyethylene composite life buoy and leather-type polyethylene buoy 3 kinds.

Because the product quality of life buoy is uneven, the price varies and the scope of application is different, so the purchase should be carefully selected to meet the configuration requirements of the life buoy.

1, the Qualified Life buoy product, should have the related material inspection report, type test report and ship Bolt inspection certificate.

2, the domestic qualified life Buoy product reference cost price is: polystyrene bag cloth life Buoy about 55 yuan/only, the knot leather type polyethylene buoy about 100 yuan/only about.

Therefore, the price of an excessively cheap life buoy is likely to be Jerry-building products, should be carefully purchased.

3, under the conditions of the requirements of the business according to the standard requirements, the life buoy weight, stitch quality, strength, levitation, high temperature resistance and anti-damage ability and other project indicators to carry out the necessary verification.

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