Maintenance of lawn Mowers
Sep 28, 2018

Check the oil surface before each use of the mower to see if it is between the top and bottom scales of the oil ruler. The new machine should be replaced after 5 hours of oil, the use of 10 hours after the oil should be replaced again, in accordance with the requirements of the manual replacement of oil regularly. The oil change should be carried out in the engine under the condition of heat. Filling oil can not be too much, or it will appear: black Smoke, power shortage (too much carbon cylinder, spark plug gap Small), engine overheating and other phenomena. Filling oil can not be too little, otherwise it will now: engine gear noise, piston rings accelerated wear and tear, and even the appearance of a lava, causing serious engine damage.

Pay attention to safety when using. Therefore, to check beforehand, testing.

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