Gobalyard lets you quickly learn about electric pruning shears
Dec 08, 2018

Gobalyard lets you quickly learn about electric pruning shears

Spring returns to the earth, and everything grows. The reason why all things grow is because they are constantly reincarnation. When the hair is cut off, new hair tips will grow. When the old clothes are lost, there is a chance to wear new clothes. When the branches are cut, the trees can have More energy glows sprouts.


A qualified pruning shear, in addition to excellent material, corrosion resistance and corrosion resistance, the most important thing is to meet the grip of the human hand, to achieve the goal of labor saving to the greatest extent, to reduce the burden of labor. In line with this concept, the manufacturer has introduced electric pruning shears suitable for various fruit trees and crop branches.


Features of electric pruning shears:


1. More humane: science and art, the combination of technology and humanity, with a solid structure and good function, make the design more aesthetic and more ergonomic.


2. Easier: Just tap your finger and the branches within 30MM can be cut instantly.


3. More labor-saving: The most powerful, using the latest brushless DC motor, strong power, long-term work no longer hand sore arm pain, after cutting the branch can then easily engage in other farm work.


4. Fruit trees are healthier: the shearing section is smooth and easy to heal, avoiding the occurrence of fruit tree rot lesions caused by uneven or tearing of the cut.


5. More environmentally friendly: Lithium battery drive, no pollution, low energy consumption, low operating costs.


6. More durable: the bottom of the fault is low. The operation is stable, the complete supporting structure is simple, the cutting ability and life of the blade are high, the fault is small, and the adjustment and maintenance are also convenient.


7. Lighter: High-tech lithium battery, larger capacity, lighter weight, the weight of the scissors part is the lightest in the domestic similar products, more suitable for long-term operation.

electric pruning shears

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