electric tying machine features
Dec 08, 2018

electric tying machine features

1. Easy to operate

• Depending on the actual use, select the following modes: Full Auto / Semi Auto / Manual Mode / Soft Mode.

2. Fast packaging

· Regardless of the package size, vertical or horizontal tape can be done.

· Fully automatic or semi-automatic tightening, welding, cutting, all actions are only done by pressing "one button".

3. Strong security

·When multiple belts or the same bundle are used for belting: the belt is evenly distributed; the belt is automatically driven to prevent accidental operation by personnel.

• Use soft mode if you want to use PP tape or fragile items.

4. Economical and environmental protection

· No carbon brush, motor drive.

· Energy-saving belting system to reduce costs.

· The new lithium battery is about twice as large as the traditional nickel-hydrogen battery.

·Humanized design, high quality and high efficiency.

· No battery memory effect, like a mobile phone, can be charged at any time, can charge about 400 times at a time.

Use the industry: all walks of life, as long as there is a pallet board packaging is applicable.

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