Electric pruning shears operation and maintenance knowledge
Dec 08, 2018

Electric pruning shears operation and maintenance knowledge


● Operating instructions


1. This product is suitable for the pruning of branches such as fruit trees and gardening. It is strictly forbidden to cut other objects.


2. Avoid cutting too dry, too hard, too thick branches to avoid damage to the machine.


3. The large diameter of the SCA2 electric pruning shears is 30mm.


4. If the scissors encounter a branch that cannot be cut during the cutting process, the scissors will automatically reset to the large opening position, and then the next normal cutting work can be performed. Note: The scissors port should not be shaken left or right during the reset process to avoid damage to the scissors.


5. When the pruning shears trim the branches, do not cut vertically, but cut the blade diagonally along the branches to cut smoothly and extend the service life.


6. Do not open or remove the outer casing while the pruning shears are in operation.


7. Do not touch the cutting blade or other parts with your hands during use to prevent cutting fingers or other injuries.


8. It is forbidden to use in rain and snow to avoid circuit damage and safety accidents.


● Maintenance


1. Turn off the power when servicing the pruning shears.


2. Fully charge the battery backup before each job.


3. After each use, wipe the shearing knife with a damp cloth and apply anti-rust oil on it. If the blade is not sharp and blunt, the sharpening edge of the cutting blade can be sharpened with a sharpening stone.


4. If the shearing knife is worn out seriously, it can no longer be used and replaced. The order of the operation steps is as follows: remove the upper front cover, unscrew the large nut, take out the large screw, take out the old shearing knife, replace it with a new shearing knife, and lock the large nut (the large nut is screwed back and back to 1/4) Circle, so as not to over-tighten the upper and lower knives).


5. Reinforce all fastening screws every week to ensure safety.


6. Non-manufacturer-designated professionals are not allowed to disassemble this product.


7. Usually stored outside the child's inaccessibility to avoid danger


8. If it is not used for a long time, it needs to be fully charged before the storage, so as not to discharge the battery by itself.


7. When not in use for a long time, the surface of the pruning shear should be cleaned, and the anti-rust oil should be applied to the shearing knife and stored in a dry indoor environment with anti-pressure, moisture-proof and sun-proof. It should not be placed directly on the ground.

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