Cordless Garden Tools Maintenance System
Sep 28, 2018

With the acceleration of China's industrialization process, the development of garden machinery product space is very large, fast, variety increases, technology complex, valuable, improper use of the fault or Xun bad, the maintenance of difficult high costs, the quality of operators put forward higher requirements.

To strengthen the maintenance management of garden machinery, to establish a strong support team of garden Machinery is the key to keep the normal operation of garden machinery, and it is of great significance to improve the level of greening management.

Use Repair Before use must check the mechanical each part movement situation, has not loosened, the machine surface has the oil trace, whether leaks the oil; in the use of mechanical failure, Xun bad, to timely repair, at the same time to do a good record, the occurrence of the fault site, damaged parts and other circumstances to write clearly, easy to use in the later search;

After use, replace the oil and adjust the parts according to the maintenance manual.

Regular maintenance

For like drugged machine, chain saw and so on usually not commonly used, sometimes a few months without the garden tools, to achieve regular maintenance.

Maintenance of the visual condition The actual operation of the machine, to timely observation and regular inspection, depending on the condition of the machine to determine the timing of maintenance, the new machine just after the running-in period to follow the requirements of the instructions to maintain; In the use of the machine to detect vibration, black smoke, to check whether the machine is clogged, burning oil and other situations, to find fault areas, To eliminate the failure in the embryonic state, to ensure the normal use of garden machinery.

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