Basic contents of lawn mower
Sep 28, 2018

Lawn machine name is more, also called lawn mower, mowing machine, lawn trimmer, grass mower.

The lawn machine consists of a cutter plate, an engine, a walking wheel, a walking mechanism, a blade, a handrail and a control part.

Working principle: the knife plate is mounted on the walking wheel, the cutter plate is equipped with an engine, the output shaft of the engine is equipped with a blade, and the blade utilizes the high-speed rotation of the engine to trim the lawn.

Conditions of Use: 2000 square meters below the lawn, you can choose hand-push lawn mower, 2000 or more than 2000 square meters of lawn, you can select self-propelled lawn mower, lawn trees and obstacles when more, can be selected front wheel universal lawn machine.

When large area, can choose Lawn Tractor, general, 1.07 meters (42 inches) Lawn machine for 12000~15000 square meters lawn, 1.17 meters (46 inches) lawn machine for the lawn under 20000 square meters.

Precautions for use: Cleaning the site Remove stones, twigs, sundry.

Make a mark on the sprinkler and obstacles.

Dress code: Thick-soled shoes, trousers, mainly to prevent the blade from hitting a stone splash injury. Site: The slope angle of more than 15 degrees can not cut grass, to prevent injury and damage to machinery.

Do not cut grass immediately after raining and watering, in case people slip and machinery work is not smooth. Special emphasis is: Lawn mower operation, 10 meters within the range of people, especially side row when the side of the mouth is not right. Adjust the machine and pour the grass must be shut down.

Never adjust machinery and pour grass while the machine is running. Height adjustment: According to the requirements of the lawn to determine the stubble height after mowing, the southern warm-season lawn stubble is generally 3 cm, the northern cold-season lawn stubble height of 5 cm. Mowing the height of the grass cut to the original height of one-third, mowing can only be trimmed along the slope, and can not be trimmed up and down the slope. Be very careful when turning on the slopes.

Beware of caves, trenches, mounds, and obstacles in the bushes.

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