Electric pruner is good tools for cutting vineyard and orchard and just touch the trigger is ok...

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electric pruner and electric pruning shear and electric secateurs

Kingson is professional of electric pruner supplier in china after 10 years development 

Become NO.1 Electric pruning shear supplier in china

2 different cutting diameter change 30MM and the other is 25mm
Rated Voltage : 36V
Rated Frenquency : 50HZ / 60HZ
Cutting diameter : 30mm
Charger time : 3-4hours
Input Voltage : 36V
Power : 360W
Elapsed time : 8 hours /cycle
Oscilation Frequency : 21000 Rpm /Min
Blade : Switzerland C75 blade
Body : Alumium Alloy
Motor : Blad ( Brushless )
Torque Stage : 16 Position
Battery : Li-battery
Certificate : CE
Warranty against manufacturing faults:
24 months
 Efficiency: Electronic pruners are considerably more efficient than manual pruners. You may be able to cut pruning time by 20 to 40 percent-especially later in the day. Hand fatigue after several hours can cause workers who use manual pruners to make slower, ragged cuts. These electronic pruners provide a smooth clean cut all day long.
Safety: One of the most common wrist disorders associated with pruning is carpal tunnel syndrome. It is not unusual for rehabilitation and therapy to represent the majority of the final cost of surgically treating carpal tunnel syndrome. In the end, an individual case, including surgery, rehabilitation and therapy, and other work-related expenses can cost up to $29,000. Important note: these pruners work like a pneumatic pruner in that the anvil and blade will close completely upon activation of the trigger. Be sure to check out our stainless steel chain mail gloves!
Profitability: Although electronic pruners have a higher up front cost than manual pruners, they can easily pay for themselves in certain situations. If your operation requires extensive pruning, you will recover your initial investment costs quickly-especially if you can avoid labor and industry liabilities.We use these on our own apple and pear orchard and in our grape vineyard. The ergonomic design may help prevent repetitive use injuries associated with heavy pruning. Anyone who owns or operates an orchard, vineyard or nursery, should be concerned about limiting time loss to injuries and associated labor and industries liabilities in the orchard. Investigate the cost savings associated with increased efficiency in the field as well as the benefit of limiting associated labor and industries injuries and you’ll see that our electronic pruners pay for themselves very quickly. Check our “links” section to view a selection of trade-magazine articles and government studies.

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